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Montenegro, Herceg-Novi, Djenovici

EUR 80 000 Sale
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Special discounts until June 1!!! For sale apartment in a building with an area of 50 to 69 square meters The property is situated in Djenovici, 200 meters in a straight line, it is a flat road, to the sea, as well as to the complex under construction in Porto Novi, which will be built until 2017, and will be the best complex, town on the Montenegrin coast all. The house consists of 12 apartments, of which 7 were for sale Plans to have been well thought out functionality and maximize efficient use of space. The 2 bedroom apartments have two bathrooms. On the 1st floor apartment balcony in addition receive also an additional garden. Inner ceramic tile: made in Spain, Italy; Boilers: Ariston (Italy), Parquet made of natural wood (oak). Plumbing and electrical equipment and fittings - Italy, Spain, Slovenia. Wall mounted air conditioning units with external brand «Panasonic» (two-room apartment for two units). The antenna equipment of satellite television, telephone installation are made, the presence of intercoms. Vnutrilestnichnye fences - aluminum. External enclosures (terraces and exterior stairs) - wrought iron. Each apartment is provided with parking place. All bathrooms are equipped with boilers, toilets with built-in flush tanks, sink with mixer tap and bath with shower. The large bathrooms recumbent tubs, small - showers closed. Floors and walls are covered with decorative tiles. There are compartments for installation of washing machines. The bathrooms on the third floor are equipped with skylights. In the bedrooms parquet flooring (oak material). In living rooms and kitchens floors under tiles. In the kitchen wall ceramic tiles under the height of 1.4 m. All floors with thermal insulation. Ceiling height - 2.7 m. The terraces (two in one bedroom apartments). (Details on request).


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