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Montenegro, Bar Riviera, Uteha

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On the shores of the Adriatic Sea in the town of Joy 8 km. from the city of Bar built villa has a total area of ??497 m2. Edge of the terrace of the first floor is 10 meters from the water and 25 meters from a small pebble beach, which is a convenient descent. Precinct with a high stone wall with wrought iron frame, which creates a sense of privacy and comfort in a small garden with palm trees, tangerine and lemon trees, and kumquat. The villa consists of two parts - the main building of the master's, and parts for employees (or persons) with a separate entrance, which is located one bedroom apartment with its kitchen, shower room, balcony and landscaped attic. Log in to the big house begins with a broad stone staircase leading up to the porch, framed by columns. Massive two-leaf door decorated tree on a metal base. All wood products are made to order and imported from Spain. On the ground floor almost all of Improvement is seen as a whole and at the same time clear functionally distributed. This is a fireplace room with large open fireplace, a marble and granite, white-green dining room with an oval glass table, and a large kitchen with island, fully fitted for culinary exercise. White dining room one wall (glass) fully communicates with a terrace of the first floor, where there is a large round table, and where in the warm winter and all the time in the summer, the sound of the surf, you can spend time with friends and family. There, in a cozy corner, is a sofa. Almost all of the terrace of the first floor is covered from the sun and rain canopy terrace of the second floor, leaning on the white columns. Small freshwater pool right there, between the columns. Underwater lighting creates a unique effect in the evening. On the ground floor there is also a TV room with video and audio system, corner sofa and panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, with views of the sea and the garden. Nearby is a guest bathroom with shower, unpolished granite decorated with crystal chandeliers. On the second floor is a semi-circular spiral staircase. There is a master bedroom with glass walls and terrace overlooking the sea. In this bedroom a personal bathroom, finished in travertine (type of marble). Also from the lounge doors lead into the second bedroom, study and bathroom with shower. All furnished with Italian furniture, solid, high-quality and comfortable. The office is a sofa, which, if necessary, can be expanded, and arrange bed detention guests. If there is no need for service personnel or protection, it is possible to unite the whole house in one attaching apartment subservient (protection) in the plane of the second floor. Then the second floor will consist of three bedrooms, an office (another bedroom), two terraces and three bathrooms. The third floor. Coming in the same stairs you find yourself in a spacious room. It is worth 12 foot pool table for a game of snooker. He was brought from Germany by special order and assembled with an eye to all the subtleties of this aristocratic game. Side is a table with a green cloth for card games or solitaire. Great room - almost a greenhouse under a semicircular roof, columns, gray marble. Glass doors lead to an open, under the sun and stars, the terrace of the third floor. Here you can easily turn away from thoughts of the earth, as the sea, the sea, and only takes a scoping space and the feeling of flying over water that latitude. Immediately from the side, under the roof, there is a double bed with a canopy and curtains. This summer the pleasure of staying above the sea with all the amenities. Without any apparent effort the third floor can be converted into two spacious bedrooms or divided into one bedroom and a room for a game of billiards. The whole house is equipped with air conditioning, a cool time included water heating, mounted in the floor. Boiler for hot water heating systems can run on gas, electricity or piletah. Basement and garage - parking. Under the terrace of the first floor is a large basement, additional area of ??about 30 square meters, where there are water treatment equipment in the pool, a large washing machine (even one in the bathroom of the second floor), racks for cans, hooks for fins and masks, place for inflatable boats, scuba and ski equipment (ski resort in Kolasin 2.5 hours by car). Your car will be located in the open parking garage under the house. Fence villa illuminated decorative lanterns. This is the house where you and your family will be able to spend a great time of my life - the sea, the sun, in the comfort and coziness. You can call in today - everything from the bed to the forks and glasses - is at your disposal. The house comes with furniture and all equipment. The house has all the necessary documents. Around - a solid environment.
Total square:
497 m2
Land square:
4 ares


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