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Montenegro, Ulcinj, Ulcinj

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Apartments for sale in modern residential complex, which is located on the exclusive site in Ulcinj, on top of Mount Pinesh. Price 1700 euros per m2 with furniture and appliances. If you have a refined taste, and if you know what luxury and quality, this offer is for you! The purchase of apartments in this complex, you can not only get a modern room, but also a perfect view of the skyline above the Old Town, in his fortress, as well as Small beach. This gives you the opportunity to enjoying the priceless beauty. Our desire to do everything to the people living in these apartments, feel special, as a result, we have built the most modern building standards. Therefore, before you is a presentation of the most elite buildings, not only in Ulcinj Riviera but also on the whole Montenegrin coast. The apartments 80-195 m2, exclusively equipped with air conditioning in all rooms, underfloor heating in the bathrooms, the most luxurious and sanpriborami ceramics, aluminum shutters, which are raised and lowered using the remote control, burglar and fire alarms for each room individually. Most apartments are equipped with a luxury kitchen and all furniture. To fully enjoy the environment you need to do is just a few steps from your apartment to the outdoor swimming pool the size of 12x5 meters, which is located on the top floor. To accept the warm sun deck here, and perfect terrace where you can sunbathe, 150 m2, as well as a Jacuzzi for 12 people. Each apartment has its own parking place, which is provided by means of the barrier, as well as its pantry area of ​​about 5 m2 in the separate part of the building. If you become the owner of all of our apartments, you get to the property and a parking and storage, as well as the opportunity to use the sauna, swimming pool, jacuzzi and a beach for sunbathing on the roof. Call service operates around the clock throughout the year, so that during the winter provided care apartments and a swimming pool. Summer jams in transport should also not bother you, because before our object is accessible via the highway, so you only need a few minutes to the city center or to the highway, which leads to a great beach and Ada Bojana. If you visit Ulcinj, once you realize that this is a city that opens every time again. Not everyone has the privilege of looking at Ulcinj, at a glance. Therefore, I take this opportunity, give yourself a part of Ulcinj ulinskogo sky. It's the kind that nourishes the soul. It is important to know that Ulcinj is famous for its sandy beach, the largest on the Adriatic, healing water and sand of the Red Beach. We did not forget to mention the Ada Bojana, but we are confident that you have about it you know. So you will only get closer to her.
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80 m2


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