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Villa with a pier on the shore in Ljuta  Print version

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Montenegro, Kotor Bay, Ljuta

EUR 950 000 Sale
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The first line, land 657 m2, house 101 m2 base + terrace. Floors: ground floor, middle floor, attic. Around the house there is a large yard with lots of greenery. There is a small pier. Ljuta is in the heart of Kotor Bay, on the north side of the town of Kotor, about 7 km from Kotor, just a 10-minute drive away. Because of its rich history and luxury homes, is classified as one of the the most popular and the most prestigious locations on the Montenegrin coast. The city center is Ljuta Baroque church dedicated to St. Peter. Floors: The first floor includes a kitchen, living room, dining room, toilet / bathroom and a staircase leading to the second floor. On the second floor there are: bathroom, three bedrooms, with terrace. In the house on the ground floor with a private entrance, a small bedsit.
Total square:
240 m2
Land square:
6.5 ares


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